The latest modern trend in countertops is the use of natural stone.  Granite, marble, slate, limestone, onyx, travertine and quartzite are some of the more common types of natural stone that are often used in countertops today. Supreme elegance, classiness, and material strength make natural stone one of the best choices for new countertops in kitchens and baths.  Granite is the hardest stone in the array of options.  It is most resistant to heat and acidic cleaning products, and is the easiest to care for as a result.  Also because of it’s durability it is highly resistant to scratches, with only diamonds being considered a harder material.

Another recent star of stone countertop lovers is engineered quartz.  Although it is not a natural stone, it is made from natural stone and is composed of 93% natural quartz with 7% resin to create a material that looks like natural stone, yet is twice as strong as granite.  Engineered quartz does not have the heat resistance of granite, however it is non-porous and stain resistant.  It is more easily maintained when cleaned regularly, and does not require periodic sealant applications as does granite and other natural stone.  As an engineered product, the color range and pattern of engineered quartz will be more uniform, which ensures that a countertop will have more consistency in design application.

Below are a few samples of natural stone and engineered quartz countertops: