One of the most common types of flooring is carpet.  Carpet is a natural insulator which adds warmth.  It also reduces noise in the home, making footsteps softer, and helps deaden sounds within the room.  Carpet provides a slip-resistant surface that helps reduce leg fatigue, and minimizes injury due to falls or accidents.

Beyond the practical aspects of carpet are the many esthetic values.  Carpet is a beautiful addition to home furnishings that allows the expression of personal taste in elegance, color, fashion and styling.  With the amazing number of options in styles, patterns, and colors, you are sure to find the right carpet to accentuate your home.

Here are some of the major styles of carpet:

Plush carpet, or Saxony carpet, is  generally a solid color and is cut so that the surface is velvety and smooth.  t is a more common carpet and is known for its luxurious look and feel.  Although it tends to show footprints and vacuum marks, it is a traditional styling, and considered formal and elegant.
Textured carpet is a kind of cut pile carpet that has a visible texture in the surface appearance.  The yarn strands are tightly twisted in the heat setting process to create a carpet with a more casual, relaxed appearance.  This style of carpet hides vacuum marks and footprints better, and is a great practical choice for high traffic areas.
Frieze’ carpet, pronounced “frih-zay’,” is a style of carpet often used in very casual settings.  In this “twist” style of carpet, the yarn is twisted so tightly that the strands curl over themselves near the ends, producing a knobby surface appearance.  It is considered the ultimate in casual carpet, serving the hide traffic lanes, vacuum lines and footprints most effectively.
Loop carpet is literally made up of strand loops, may be solid or multi-colored, and is often designed with varying sized loops, creating random or patterned surfaces.  It is very durable, and tends to hide traffic patterns well.  It is more casual in appearance, and is a perfect choice for family rooms, hallways, and high traffic areas.
Patterned carpet is designed by using different heights of strands, different colors, and even a combination of cut and loop strands.  The patterns themselves may be quite simple or extremely complex, with a wide range of designs available.  They give your home an elegant look.


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